Press Releases

Precept 2017 – 2018: 19th January 2017

Election of Town Councillors: 30th March 2017 6th April 2017

Public Hall Screen: 10th April 2017

Notes to the Editor

  1. Formally Appleby Borough Council, Appleby-in-Westmorland Town Council was formed in 1974 following local government reorganisation.
  2. There are currently 14 Councillors: Cllr Mrs Anderton, Cllr Ms Blair, Cllr Connell, Cllr Chalmers, Cllr Curely, Cllr Dougherty, Cllr Mrs Dixon Dougherty, Cllr Hayes, Cllr Miss Hutchinson, Cllr Mrs Kendall, Cllr Pape, Cllr F Potts, Cllr H Potts and Cllr Rooke.
  3. Cllr Pape is the Mayor and Cllr Rooke Deputy Mayor.
  4. The Council meets monthly.  For Council meeting dates please go to:
  5. The Council structure currently has five committees and one working party. Committees: Finance; Planning & General Purpose; Property; Staffing and Appeals.
  6. Contact: Caroline Dodgeon, Town Clerk in the first instance.
    Address: Appleby Town Council, Moot Hall, Boroughgate, Appleby in Westmorland, Cumbria CA16 6YB

Telephone: 017683 51177 ext 3



Facebook: Appleby in Westmorland

Twitter: @applebycouncil

Working Hours: Monday to Friday 12noon – 5pm