To view the following report in a PDF format, please click on the following link: Precept Report 2023 – 2024

What is a Precept?

Every year, Appleby Town Council forecasts how much money it is going to need for the following Financial Year  to run the Council’s services and maintain the property it owns.

This is then divided by the number of properties in the parish that fall into Council Tax Band D.

This figure is adjusted to take account of such things as exempt properties and planned new houses to get the precept each Council Tax payer in the parish will contribute.

What is the CTRS and does it affect the Council Tax Base?

CTRS stands for Council Tax Reduction Scheme, which gives people on a low income up to 100% council tax relief.

When the Tax Base for a Parish is calculated, a property which is exempt from council tax is not included.  If a property has a 50% discount, it is counted as half a property.

A lower Council Tax Base in Appleby means each household pays a higher amount towards the precept.

How much will I pay in 2023-24?

This Council have discussed at length the Budget in order to minimise the increase residents will have to pay.

The Precept for 2023-2024 is £152,022.

This figure is then divided by the number of Band D households to establish how much each household will pay annually.

152,022 / 1115.1 = £136.33 a year for a Band D Household.

How does this compare to last year?

This is an increase of £13.45 per year, equating to an additional £1.12 per month.

This represents a 10.95% increase.

How is our Council Tax money spent?

Delivering Council services, including the Tourist Information Centre and maintaining all Council owned property.

Appleby Town Council have spent a significant amount of money over the past two years improving their buildings, particularly the Moot Hall and Cloisters buildings.

This maintenance programme is to be continued into 2023, with plans for the Public Hall to have essential works done.