On 1st April 1974, due to local government changes, Appleby Borough become a Parish (Town) Council, after previously being the County Town of Westmorland. It took two years to have the name of the town changed to Appleby-in-Westmorland, as it was felt important that the previous status as County Town was honoured.
On Wednesday 8th May, Appleby Town Council celebrated their 50th Annual Meeting.
Cllr Pamela Davidson took up the role as Mayor, continuing for a second term in office after a very successful first year. Cllr Duncan Curley continues for a second term in office as Deputy Mayor.
As a new role for 2024 and future Civic Years, Caitlin Rimmer was introduced as the ‘Mayor’s Cadet’, who will have the responsibility of being the Sword Bearer at Civic events. Rev Andrew Burrell was introduced as the new Mayor’s Chaplain and David Johnson continues in his role as Mace Bearer.
We would like to thank The Riverside Cafe for providing a fantastic buffet which all guests enjoyed, as well as the two staff members who helped serve.