Annual Return

The Annual Statement of Accounts is the statutory summary of the Council’s financial affairs for the financial year and is prepared in accordance with the Joint Council’s Governance & Accountability for Smaller Authorities in England for the relevant period.

The purpose of the Annual Statement of Accounts is to give clear information on the income and expenditure of the council and to demonstrate the council’s stewardship of public money for the year.

The statement, together with the Council’s governance arrangements is subject to review by its Internal Auditor.

Please click on the links below to view the documents for the Year End March 31st 2020:

Annual Accounts Public Right of Inspection

Notice of Public Rights

Summary of Public Rights

Section 1 Annual Governance Statement Year End 31 March 2020

Section 2 Accounting Statements Year End 31 March 2020

Section 3 – External Auditor Report and Certificate 2019/20

Year End Internal Audit Report 31 March 2020

Detailed Internal Auditor’s Report March 2020

Year End Accounts 2019/20

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 31 March 2020


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