Message from Appleby Mayor re 561 Kendal Bus service ….

Robinsons told Appleby Transport Group on Friday that receipts on the 561 Appleby-Kendal Wednesday off-peak bus service via Orton and Tebay declined over the past year. Unless there is a significant improvement in usage the service is likely to be withdrawn before the end of 2018. However, the company accepted the plea of the Mayor of Appleby for a three month period to give the public the chance to show that they value the service by using it in greater numbers and more frequently. ”Westmorland’s two historic centres have been linked by bus for the past century’, he said. ‘When all subsidies were axed by the County Council in 2014, Robinson’s to their credit kept it going as a commercial service. Now they need a few more passengers every week. I urge the public of Appleby, Orton and Tebay to rally round, take their seats and keep the 561 on the road’.
Andy Connell