Highways England: A66 Eden Valley


Work will begin on the A66 Eden Valley schemes on Monday (3 September) for seven weeks until 22 October.
Works include reconstructing and resurfacing a single carriageway section of road between Low Moor and Kirkby Thore, as well as resurfacing in six other locations between Penrith and Long Marton junction.  In order to […]

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Miller Riches Trust

The Trust provides financial grants of about £75 to needy spinsters and widows who have lived in the former County of Westmorland for at least 5 years.

Application forms are obtainable from Holly English, Legal and Democratic Services, Cumbria House, 117 Botchergate, Carlisle, CA1 1RD.  Telephone: 01228 227354.

The forms must be returned to the above address […]

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Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Notice of Conclusion of Audit for Appleby-in-Westmorland Town Council.  Notice is hereby given that the audit for the year ended 31 March 2018 was completed on 17 August 2018 and the accounts are now available for inspection.  Please use link to view the Annual Governance & Accountability Return for the year ended 31st March 2018

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Become a Volunteer Master Composter

Garden Organic’s Master Composters are volunteers who spend time promoting home composting in their local community, encouraging householders to take up composting and ensuring those already composting continue to do so effectively. Master Composters come from many backgrounds and age groups; their unifying feature is their enthusiasm for encouraging more environmentally friendly waste management practices.”

You […]

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Designated Premises Supervisor

Appleby-in-Westmorland Town Council are looking to appoint a Designated Premises Supervisor for the Public Hall in Appleby.  To be eligible you must hold a Personal Licence for the sale or supply of alcohol.

Expressions of interest should be made in writing or via email addressed to the Town Clerk, Moot Hall, Boroughgate, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria, CA16 6YB […]

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Moot Hall: Significance Report

The investigation and significance report completed by Marion Barter and Dan Elsworth on the Moot Hall has now been published on Historic England’s website.  http://research.historicengland.org.uk/Report.aspx?i=16023&ru=%2fResults.aspx%3fp%3d1%26n%3d10%26rn%3d25%26ry%3d2018%26ns%3d1 

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