Richard Durrant has an international reputation as one of the great guitarists of his generation. Since studying at the Royal College of Music he has pursued both performance and composition and kept his ever faithful, ever expanding audience close to his music with his unpretentious manner and natural skills of communication. Richard is as comfortable performing the classical guitar at the Royal Albert Hall as he is giving a Ukulele concert in the wilds of Paraguay or the smallest, English village hall  Richard’s adventures have allowed him to dip in and out of the worlds of classical, folk, world and jazz. His honesty and passion for music pervades everything he chooses to do and audiences across the world are charmed by his spirit.


His new show STRINGHENGE is acoustic music inspired by the British Isles, featuring the Uffington Tenor Guitar, built in Sussex and a six string Concert Guitar, built in Lincolnshire and made from 5,000 year old English oak, exploring unplugged music on the folk/classical cusp. Says Richard: “This guitar has an almost sacred presence and Stringhenge grew out of my relationship with it. It lead me to commission the Uffington Tenor Guitar from Ian Chisholm, to write loads of new music and to gather the images for an entirely new show.”

Stringhenge is as beautifully produced and richly visual as any of Durrant’s tours of recent years. It’s also unplugged allowing you to hear and feel the vibrations of the wood in these incredible guitars. Durrant plays them brilliantly and is a clever weaver of intriguing tales. It’s real roots music linking the neolithic to the 21st century.


Playing : Sunday 24 September

Appleby Public Hall, Cumbria.  Show 7.30pm Tickets £12 Tel. 017684 83777